Русский сказочный оракул И. Билибина

Колода «Русский сказочный оракул И. Билибина» связывает и соотносит линию между удивительными иллюстрациями художника и системой популярной сейчас системой карт Малой Ленорман, широко распространенной в Российской Империи. Хотя художник не рисовал образы для колоды, его наследие довольно легко соотнести с системой значений карт Ленорман.

В представленной колоде имеются карты, выходящие за рамки привычных символов Ленорман, их заменяют тождественные по смыслу изображения из знакомых русских народных сказочных сюжетов. (Из сопроводительной книжечки).

«Моя модификация Ленорман в духе возрождения традиций и понятно, какой эпохи:). Рисунки специально не перерисовывались, что бы максимально сохранить авторский замысел. Моя рука - в подборке, компоновки и интерпретации». Евгения Устинова

Рисунки: Иван Билибин

Составитель: Евгения Устинова  

Издательство: Силуэт

Состав: 36 карт + сопроводительная книжечка 72 стр.

Язык: русский

Год: 2016


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0 #1 Наталия 13.07.2017 17:49
Цитирую andrea:
Dear all,

I have this lovely deck, but I need some information of the cards in English (or Portuguese, or Spanish). Can you send me something?
Best regards.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dear Andrea!
Here in English:

Russian children are familiar with drawings for fairy tales by Ivan Bilibin from 1899. Several generations of people grew up on these colorful pictures and images. In the deck presented paintings to well-known folk tales, epics and works of A. S. Pushkin.
Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (1876 - 1942) was a Russian painter, book Illustrator and theatrical designer, a member of the Association "World of art". Bilibin's works are full of love to Russia, its culture and fairy tales.
The deck carries a synthesis of classical systems with small Lenormand and the spirit of Russian fairy tales.

1. Red rider - messenger, message, communication, starting a new business and rapid progress toward the goal. News, which carries red rider, will show nearby card.
2. Clover - good luck and happiness, family comfort and harmonious life. Everyday card that does not have a place of elegance and luxury, but there is stability and naturalness.
3. Ship - trips, transfers, business trips, a new stage in life, change, new goals, plans, contacts.
4. Izba (Home) - the home, the place of comfort, safety, rest, character and comfort. It symbolizes the tradition, an appeal to the roots and family.
5. Tree - the health, growth and development, maturity, life wisdom, good skills and a strong potential for development.
6. Clouds - sickness, troubles, adverse events, the situation is heating up, unfavorable period, the test strip, but the possibility of purification.
7. Snake - deceit, deception, foe, enemy, treason. In a favorable environment cards can talk about getting wisdom and life experience, often symbolizes a woman tempter.
8. Vasilisa the Beautiful and skull - a difficult moment, termination, loss, crisis, turn in life, acceptance of the inevitable. But after passing the test - to provide a new resource and the path to growth, sometimes unexpected discovery details.
9. Flowers - respect, recognition, gifts and surprises, holidays, the transience of beauty and delight. All the emotions of colors are very bright and positive, but quickly fades.
10. Baba Yaga on mortar - unpleasant encounter, crush, emergency, accident, sudden coming of the gap, the destruction, sometimes says the sharp end of a big stage.
11. Koschey holding a sword - conflict, strife, quarrels and squabbles, high risk of familial discord, reviewing viewpoint. Change of place of work, home.
12. Birds - disturbing thoughts, doubts, uncertainty, fear, gossip, vanity and empty troubles.
13. Children - new ideas and initiatives, carelessness, openness, joy, new relationship, a change of place of work, pregnant, baby.
14. Wolf - trick, deception, resourcefulness, intrigue, treachery, intrigues of enemies, traps and obstacles from the people around them.
15. Tzar - the patron, the bosses, the big and powerful uncontrollable force,support and custody, powerful friends. The main danger - falling out of favor with this card, it happens if it is surrounded by negative cards.
16. Star - creative energy, creative work, new perspectives, a lot of potential to mental work, good luck in all your endeavors.
17. Stork - change is a good opportunity, moving, birth of a child, a creative breakthrough, a new acquaintance. Secret desires can be fulfilled.
18. The dog - a true friend, a reliable support of others, loyalty, service, sincerity.
19. Terem - stability, fixity, mental ballast, strength. It points to the work, administrative agency of organization.
20. Garden - holiday, fun, relaxation, communication, pleasant company, all questions and matters settled through communication with other people.
21. Mountain - difficulty, obstacles, misunderstandings, people, or events disturbing achieve his goal. Overcame the mountain opens new heights.
22. Crossroads - choice, the need to make a decision, uncertain situation, confusion, incorrect choice.
23. Loss - multiple spending, household accidents, failure, trouble, theft, breakdown of cases, ruin.
24. Heart connection - love, happiness, harmonious relationship, a partnership, a source of strength and feelings, indicates the importance of the issue.
25. Union - strong communication and relationship, a formal contract, agreement, partnership, marriage, feeling for a long time, reliable support, commitment.
26. Stargazer - teaching, knowledge, secrets, rich inner world, achieving the goal through education.
27. Herald - message, news, parcels, official documents, agenda, call, paperwork.
28. Man
29. Woman
30. Lily - the prospect of a successful in all your endeavors, lofty dreams, spiritual quest and practice, a high social position, spirituality. Sometimes the smell of lilies can befuddle and hide the true state of affairs.
31. Sun - a triumph, fame, fortune, flourishing, excellent health, good mood, inspiration, stability.
32. Moon - public recognition, communication with their family, the appeal to the past, a time for reflection.
33. Disposal - change, discovery, enlightenment, what long sought to happen, the problem, change the current situation.
34. Fish - well-being and prosperity, wealth, good catch, a symbol of good luck.
35. Hope - constancy, confidence, the path to the goal, reliability, responsibility, commitment to the ideals.
36. Cross - testing, pain, deprivation, the performance of karma.

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